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Staff Augmentation

In recent years this service has gained popularity within the IT market because it offers a flexible outsourcing solution that is attractive to companies who have considered hiring remote resources and need an agile ramp up in their Engineering headcount. The global market size for software development reached $95 billion in 2019 and events like the Covid-19 pandemic have only accelerated growth.

Dedicated Teams

A turn-key solution for customers who are looking to innovate, boost productivity and develop a resilient team at a predictable cost. BMi can source a complete Nearshore crew that includes Managed Services, Tech Leadership, Full Stack Development, Mobile Development, User Experience and Quality Assurance; Engineers that will drive software development solutions matching the quality and dedication of on-premises operations.

AWS Cloud Services

When you’re starting to accelerate your growth, adopting AWS Cloud Services is the best way to keep pace. Be it in a hybrid or a public Cloud, for local or multinational applications, we’ll help you determine the starting point and showcase the options from the vast range of possibilities so your company can achieve a seamless adoption.